I explained where the name came from and the thinking behind it in my first post “Hello World!” but what about me – the heart and soul behind A Constant Friend. 

Who Am I? I’m a 30-something every day girl; a wife and mother of two beautiful princesses – balancing family, work, church activities and friendships ARMED WITH FAITH.

My faith is the infallible weapon that assures me through the rollercoaster of life, the ups, the downs and the inbetweens, God has it all under control and my ‘constant friend’ will be beside me at all times because his eye is on this sparrow!

But why write a blog and why now? In  my teenage years I enjoyed writing and I went on to complete a degree in journalism. As life’s journey took me down a different path, that creative vision and talent was, I believed, left behind. However, an encounter at Hillsongs Colour Conference in London earlier this year reminded me of the passion I have for putting pen to paper with a purpose – and what better purpose than to share the love of God and how that love constantly finds itself anchored in the centre of my very real, very busy, every day girl life. I hope to show others how God speaks to me through little snippets of my adventures; as he reminds me of his unfailing faithfulness in his quest to be a constant friend… keeping his eye on the sparrow.

As the daughter of the King of Kings your purpose is not to turn heads, your purpose is to turn hearts towards the King. (Stacy L. Sanchez)