King of Kings

Brooke Ligertwood is one of my all time fave singer songwriters. I even saw her live in Belfast when I was pregnant with my eldest and she was touring solo as Brooke Fraser. She is truly blessed with an awesome talent from God – even in her more mainstream music he is still there for me.

So I just know this new track from Hillsong Worship written by Brooke, her husband Scott and Jason Ingram is going to be repeating constantly on my Spotify. The third verse is so powerful…

And the morning that You rose
All of heaven held its breath
Till that stone was moved for good
For the Lamb had conquered death
And the dead rose from their tombs
And the angels stood in awe
For the souls of all who’d come
To the Father are restored
And the church of Christ was born
Then the Spirit lit the flame
Now this gospel truth of old
Shall not kneel
Shall not faint
By His blood and in His name
In His freedom I am free
For the love of Jesus Christ

I had goosebumps listening to it for the first time. So if you haven’t already heard it… here’s a wee Friday treat for you. (P.S. Evie thought the intro sounded a bit like Frozen so she liked it 😂)

Thoughts & Ponderings

Ready or not

Eleven years ago this week I had a life changing encounter with God. I wasn’t living life as a follower but I knew he existed and I was curious to know more. When a friend invited me to hear a guest speaker at her church (a boyband star who had found Christ after they’d split) I jumped at the chance. That was the easy part! I then visited her church a couple of times, sure that I wanted to make a commitment to God but nervous about how I could change my lifestyle and what people would think of my past. My friend was great and explained I didn’t need to worry about of any of that – I just had to make the decision and step out in faith, the Lord would take care of the rest. I’m so glad I listened to her – I know my life is what is today because I made that decision and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It hasn’t been an eleven years without trials or challenges but The Lord has truly blessed be me and guided me through it all. I am what I am today not because of me but through him in me. So when I heard this song by Hillsong United it reminded me of those early days when I was concerned about being judged or not good enough…

He welcomes the broken
He’s alright with your past
He’s not mad at any one of us
But He waits with open arms
Says come
Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Someone needs to hear this today, someone needs to say I’m ready – regardless of your brokenness, regardless of your past because he’s waiting with open arms. And trust me you’ll not regret it!