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Build my Life

I’m pretty sure a crazy busy life is just the norm for my wee family in our current season. It’s been a week of ups, downs, sickness, joy, laughs, tantrums, late nights in work, early mornings with wee birds and just all round banter and hectic busyness.

In recent weeks I’ve found myself turning to my faith more and more in the every day …

I’ve added some extra worship time to my drive to and from work with the help of Spotify and an aux cable in the car.

I turn to my bible and prayer throughout the day when I’m facing challenges. I’ve even started to remind myself that the Lord is with me by imagining his guiding and comforting hand on my shoulder during difficult meetings or situations.

It can be so easy to walk through the doors of the office at 8am and be pulled into the way of the world. I wish I could say that I don’t get sucked in by the negative attitude and behaviours of corporate life but I am trying my best not to – I’m challenging myself to seek out opportunities to share the love, kindness and compassion that Jesus taught. I’ve even started to think about some small side projects that might practically bring that attitude into the workplace and get Christians in the office environment thinking about how we can encourage and support each other.

I heard this song for the first time a few weeks ago and it keeps getting stuck in my head.

What a powerful message to remember if we are to build our lives on the teachings and foundation set out in the Lord’s word, even within the pressures of the modern age..

And I will build my life upon your love it is a firm foundation
And I will put my trust in you alone and I will not be shaken

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