Worship Wednesdays

Jealous of the Angels

This week I’m thankful…

Thankful that I am mummy to two cuties who bring us so much joy – even if from time to time they give us sleepless nights and worries.

Thankful that I am blessed to be a wife and that I have my awesome hubby walking beside me, holding my hand on this crazy life journey.

Thankful to have both of my parents loving and supporting the four of us every day.

Thankful for loyal and kind friends who support me and encourage me every day.

Thankful to have a job that pays the bills and keeps a roof over our heads.

But mostly I’m thankful I woke up this morning!

I heard of the sad passing of a beautiful young mum at the weekend and while I didn’t know her personally it’s really shocked me and made me realise just how precious life is. So today I want to share this beautiful song that touched my heart with four powerful words…

“Only God knows why”

It’s the hardest thing for me to get my head around as I walk with Christ – angels being called too soon. This song paints a lovely picture of the angels singing and praising as they welcome another angel into heaven – what a scene that would be!

We may never understand why something happens or why we lose our loved ones when we do but if we live a life of faith and put our trust in our Constant Friend then we know that we will see them again at the throne.


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